Monday, September 2, 2013

Vacation is officially over

YAY!!  I have never been so happy that vacation is over!  We have sooo many rendez-vous planned for this coming week, I'm so excited.  The early french migration has finally come to an end.  Shops are opening back up and the city is flooding with students.  The only person who isn't back our bishop...haha I wonder where he is...

So on Monday, I think I wrote about this last week, we went to the castle in Fougeres and had dinner with the Moquard family.  Soeur Bitter showed a lot of enthousiasm for their gigantic boxes of cereal and asked where they found them...Then yesterday at church they gave us 3 huge boxes of cereal.  Seriously the members love us.  Frere Mocquard, in front of a bunch of people, announced loudly, "Mes Soeurs, on vous aime!" (my sisters, we love you!) cute.  Then the ward was taking a picture after church and we weren't sure if they wanted us in it, but everyone started chanting and yelling for us, we ended up front and center!  Such a great ward.

What else happened this week? We ate gallettes with the Trahmel's.  We wandered around their garden eating rasberries and then had a wonderful, powerful spiritual thought.  These older couples are truly truly pioneers.  Their conversion story is amazing.  They told us that frere trahmel quit smoking in 8 days.  After they learned about tithing, the were worried about making ends meet, they were young and had lots of little children.  But they found a paper route to supplement their meagar salary.  Frere Trahmel described it as a miracle, a blessing for paying tithing.  They worked from 3am to 10pm everyday for years.  And they both had major callings in the branch.  Their faith is amazing.  We played our violins for them and Frere Trahmel said we were angels.  I think they are the angels.  I'll never forget that night.

We also visited a less-active named Jocelyne.  It's always a little wierd with less-actives because you don't know if you are welcome there or why they don't come to church.  But with Jocelyne she was literally just forgotten about!  It was heartbreaking.  She feels lost and confused at church.  Looking at the teaching record it looks like the missionaries taught her quickly and then promptly forgot.  So sad!  President Hinckly was right, new converts need a calling, and a friend!

Dang, there's so much more I'd like to say! I have to go though.  Have a wonderful week everybody!

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