Monday, September 16, 2013


Hello dear family and friends!  I hope you are all doing well.  I just want you all to know that you are amazing and I think of you often and pray for you.  Thanks for supporting me, I love you!

So, this week was a little up and down, a lot of cool things happened!

On Tuesday we had a rendez-vous fall through, so we jumped at the opportunity to go try a find a church headquarters refferal.  We drove out to this tiny tiny little town called Monterfil.  It was pretty surreal.  You know when you are in a place so beautiful, you get frustrated because there's know way you can take it all in?  That's the French countryside...gorgeous...we spent the ride singing that "Provincial Life" song from Beauty and the Beast.  I really felt transported back in time!  We tried to find our refferal, but no luck.  We met some other nice people though.  We really really want to go back because no one has ever seen missionaries out there, and there are tons of young families.  My companion and I have a feeling that there are people there who are ready:)

That night we had a fhe with Shaina, her mom, grandparents, and the Arnaud family.  It was really fun.  Shaina is just the cutest little girl ever.  I'm so proud of her decision to be baptized.  She's such a good influence on her mother, telling her not to smoke in front of the missionaries etc.  I think that Carine really wants to change, but is worried about how hard it will be.  I know she'll get baptized though:)

Thursday was really good!  We had a rendez-vous with this funny old cambodian lady in the ward - Simone.  For the past couple of weeks she's brought corn on the cob to church and given it to the missionaries.  She's really quirky, you'll see in a second what I mean.  Anyways the night before the rendez-vous Soeur Bitter and I were joking around, saying, "think simone will give us corn tomorrow?"  Well, after our little spiritual thought, she went into the kitchen and came back out with the silver, thanksgiving-sized platter filled with...corn on the cob!  We each had to eat two and then she packed up a bunch more that's currently sitting in our fridge.  It was hilarious.  Then she said she made us a gateau (cake) and brought out what looked like a meat pie with neon pink streaks of something gross running through it.  Turned out to be rhubarb, it was really acidic.  But the best part was that she cut it for us with...scissors... was the strangest thing I've ever seen! haha and to top it off she had this stuffed Santa Claus in her living room.  We love her!

Then that evening we had an appointment with the Grenal family.  They are amazing and want so badly to be involved in missionary work.  For a long time I've wanted to find someone for them.  Well we got to their house about 15 minutes early, and even though Frère Grenal popped his head out the window and waved to us, we decided to go porting instead.  They live in a really nice French neighborhood, not usually the greatest for finding.  After being rejected a couple times, I said a little prayer in my heart that we could find someone here in their neighborhood, to build the Grenal's faith.  Afterwards I felt sure that we'd find somebody.  I think it was the 2nd porte--and we found a family!  Young, open and we are going back this Thursday.  We told the Grenal's and they were really excited.  It was a miracle and I know that it was for the Grenals, to build their faith that there are people, right in their neighborhood!

The Grenal's are awesome.  We had such a wonderful evening with them.  Soeur Grenal served a mission in Temple Square and Frère Grenal told us his conversion story.  He has a strong testimony of following the Spirit, because otherwise the missionaries wouldn't have contacted him.  Haha he was so annoyed with the missionaries when he first met them.  One of them felt he should talk to him, and said the first thing he could think of..."Does it always rain in Brest (rainiest city in France)?"  He responded, "Is it raining right now?!" haha.  But appartently one of the missionaries had the same birthday as him, so they became friends haha.  Frère Grenal really warmed up to us and is very proud of being French.  LOVES bread and cheese.  Also, Soeur Grenal amazing french patisseries and vennoiserie....yumm

So the Delacourt family was robbed twice this summer, so we went over on Saturday to see how they were doing.  Claire had'nt even started cleaning up and bawled when she saw we were there.  We helped her get started...We are going to go back this week and help some more.  It felt good to do service, people here are really hesistant to accept our help...I think this was like the second time I've done service.

Then sunday, Sunday is always awesome!  The new mongolian couple reffered another mongolian family of seven, the Elders are going to go see them this week! The Patea's have an American exchange student staying with them.  We are going to see her this week:) We ate with the Chève's again this sunday, I love them and their adorable little blond boys:)

Well, stay tuned for more exciting happenings next week!

I love you so much:)

Soeur Hilton

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