Monday, September 23, 2013

France est une petite pays entre la Bretagne et la Belgique (France is a little country between Brittany and Belgium)

Yes it's true!  I'm in Belgium!  And boy is it different up here.  For one thing I'm much further's freezing. haha.  So I'm going to need lots of letters to warm my heart:)

Here's my new address:

32 AVE ROGIER n°103
4000 Liège

Leaving Rennes was pretty difficult.  But it was time to go.  I was smothered in love before I left.  The Delacourts made me dinner (gallettes, of course) and Fatima and Pascal came over as well.  I felt so loved!  They gave me presents and Bretagne goodies...I love Rennes so much.  I said goodbye to Sophie and it was really hard.  She is so adorable... Claire Delacourt insisted on driving me to the gare, even though I had to leave at 6 in the morning.  Then, Tugsuu and Mandal met me at the gare at 6:30!!  Mandal gave me a really cute headband, really nice gloves from Mongolia, and a cute mongolian keychain.  Tugsuu gave me homemade dumplings (delicious) and a COAT.  Like a really cute one!  I was so touched by their kindness...I love them so much.  I'll never forget Rennes and all of the beautiful places, miracles, and people.

So then we headed off to Paris, and it was crazy!!  Craziest transfer day ever.  We aren't allowed to meet in St. Merri anymore, so we were kind of left to ourselves to figure out how to switch companions.  Sr. Bitter and I weren't going to wait around in a gare for hours, so we took all my luggage and...rolled it right up to the Effiel Tower...haha.  It was more stunning thanI remembered.  There we sat, in perfect Parisian weather, eating delicious Mongolian dumplings, surrounded by luguage, reminicing a wonderful transfer.  It seriously was a transfer I'll never forget.  Sr. Bitter is the best!  I'm going to miss her:(

Then we rolled my luggage back to the gare and waited for 4 hours as the ZL's ran around Paris trying to find hundreds of was a mess.  But finnally, Sr. Andersen (temporary companion, redhead, future Harvard lawyer) and I made our way to Gare Nord and caught a train to Brussels.  She is so awesome!  She's really inspired me concerning what I want to do after my mission (not law school, but other things).  In Brussels I met up with my new comp, Sr. Johns!  We already knew eachother really well (we were in the same district for my first two transfers). We were overjoyed to see eachother!  We can't believe President put us together, we are going to have way to much fun.  He also has a really great sense of humor because...Sr. Johns also has REDHAIR.  We are quite a sight,haha.  She is such a good missionary and we are really similar, which makes companionship life easy and fun:)

Liège---This place is exploding with missionary work.  A lot of missionaries call Belgium the promised really is.  On our first day, Sr. Johns and I found three families to teach... This place has so much potential...the people here are ready!

We are also doing a ton less-active work.  There used to be 6 wards here.  Now there are two branches...the plot of land where the chapel is, was originally supposed to be a temple make a long story short, a lot of drama went down here.  We have pages and pages of inactives... and the ones they've contacted are starting to come back.  Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do here.  So there are 6 missionaries in this city.  One equipe of Elders for each Branch.  And one equipe of Soeurs...for two branches.   That's right, we are in charge of both!  Yesterday I presented myself in two sacrament meetings, we have two Ward Mission Leaders, two Branch's a lot to keep track of...  But very exciting at the same time.

Well, that's it for now folks!  I'll keep you updating on the exciting happenings in Liège soon:)

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