Monday, September 30, 2013

Grocery stores, calculus, and three redheads... God works in mysterious ways.

God really does work in mysterious ways sometimes! This week I'd like to recount a few examples of this. Number 1---Grocery Store Miracle: Soeur Hilton and Soeur Johns found themselves in Liege centre one evening after being fruged (cancelled on) with nothing to do. It was too late to go out to the suburbs and porte... so they wandered some sketchy backstreets and quickly decided that was a bad idea. Disheartened and a little bored, they walked by Delhaize, a warm, store. Both Soeurs loved bananas and thus, had run out of them for the week. They decided to just go in a buy a few more. Sr Hilton turned to Sr. Johns and said, "we're still doing missionary work, right? This could be just like on the Best Two Years where they find someone to teach as they are grocery shopping..." So they headed in, but were then immediately escorted out because the store was closing. However as they were leaving they heard someone yelling behind them "sisters! Wait!" The two confused young women were then contacted by a young african man who had been looking for the missionaries. He wanted to meet with the Elders and learn more about the church! Sometimes following the spirit means following your stomach...classic Best Two Years experience. Number 2 --- Recent convert + math major missionary = two prayers answered: This last week in district meeting we all set the goal to try and be "an answer to someone's prayer" this week. Well I never thought that my prayers would be answered at the same time I answered someone else's! Here's what happened: Right before I got to Liege, the sisters baptized a young woman named Joycely. She was very stressed with a big test she needed to take and had been praying for help. Well, it was a MATH test. And which sister missionary did the Lord send to Liege one week before this big test? A missionary who majored in math and tutored college algebra and calculus for 4 I was also really praying to know why I was here in Liege. Things were going soooo well in Rennes and I'm pretty sure a piece of my heart will always be there. But helping Joycely prepare for her math test answered my prayer...I'm suposed to be here. Also, I felt a little bit like my old self again. I'll admit it...I LOVE math! It was so refreshing... oh my I'm such a nerd, haha. Again, MYSTERIOUS ways. Number 3 --- The tale of three redheads: You all know that there are at least two redheads running around Liege...well there is a third. Her name is Eryn...she 14 years old...hilarious...and as of Saturday...has a baptismal date! We've decided that she is going to be our best friend. Did you know that in Ireland there is a big redhead celebration where you have to be a redhead to go? We all decided we are going to go together! Just imagine it, thousands of redheads!!! Anyways we are really excited to keep teaching her and her mother Valerie and hopefully see them join the church:) REDHEAD TRANSFER Well, that's it for this week! I love you all:) I know that God answers prayers, often times not how we expect. He loves us and will be in the details of our lives if we let Him. He is there! Ask him your questions:)

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