Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Member missionary work

This week!  Wow, it was really really good. I'm just flipping through my planner and it is just filled with names of some really wonderful people.  We are just running around France, spreading the's the best.  My companion, Soeur Bitter, is just the greatest.  So upbeat, so funny--we are always laughing!  I'm so grateful for good companions.  Her birthday was this last Thursday.  So I got up early and made her crepes--actually only one crepe, because it's been a crazy month and we are out of money, haha.  Speaking of which, the scripture where the disicples are admonished to take no thought of the morrow, what they will eat etc., is so true.  We've been getting food out of nowhere.  On Soeur Bitter's birthday our ami, Mme Sissko randomly fed us a fish tail (Tilapia), and we got like a seven course meal that night from some other amis Jean and Marie.  The whole week's been like that!  The Lord takes care of the missionaries:)
This week has been member week.  They've been referring people, feeding us, fellowshipping our amis and just being all around amazing.  First of all a MONGOLIAN couple just moved into the ward.  Seriously a huge blessing...and so unlikely.  They are super strong too, both are returned missionaries.  They've already helped out so much with Mandal.  Also, Oyun said she wants to get baptized in October, so it will be really nice to have them help us with the language barrier.  The Elders even found some Mongolians last week....Rennes Mongolian Branch 2014...It's going to happen haha.  And not to mention Tugsuu!  She was all alone before, and now there are two awesome members who speak her language.  I still can't believe it, what are the odds?
Then there's Lodelia.  One of our Young Single Adults, JeanChristophe, invited her to Family Home Evening and she loved it!  Then we all had a rendez-vous together and she is so excited about the church and the Book of Mormon.  And guess where she is from?  PERU!  Our recent convert Lucy flipped when she found out.  Apparently she's only ever met one other Peruvian in France, and Lucy was the first Peruvian that Lodelia has met.  They became instant best friends and I even saw them walking out of church together.  The work is exponentially better when the members are involved.  We've only had one meeting with Lodelia and she already has two great friends in the ward.
This last Sunday was just incredible.  Lots of members are getting back from vacances and for some reason are really fired up about missionary work.  Quite a few came up to me and offered to help teach, or asked if we could go visit less-active with them etc.  Members drive this work.  So I guess my message this week is "get involved!"  It's amazing what members can do.  I was really touched by this one Soeur, soeur Aubain.  She lived in Rennes about nine years ago and just moved back here with her family.  She told us that she thought it was a good opportunity for her to try to bring back some people who had fallen away since she left.  She's been praying and a soeur's name came to her mind.  She asked for our help in bringing this woman back.  That's huge!  And everyone can do that, pray to know who we can help and how (whether inviting someone to learn about the gospel, or reaching out to less or inactive brothers and sisters)
Hmm, what else happened this week?  Oh we taught the Houmed family the Plan of Salvation!  yay, they are progressing:)  Also we went to Fougeres yesterday for P-day, the chateau there is sooooooo coool.  I'll send pics soon.  Also we played our violins in Sacrament meeting because one of the young adults, Rebecca left on her mission to Greece this week!  All the members loved it and said "so is it a rule now that to serve in Rennes you have to play the violin?" (because Soeur Kohlert played too) haha.  I'm so glad I brought my violin:)
Well that's it for now folks, I hope everyone has a great week especially with school starting up.  Bisous!
Soeur Hilton

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