Monday, September 1, 2014

The Brussels Hustle

So when I was serving in Liege, Soeur Johns and I were often in Brussels.  Whenever we came here we just felt like everything moved so fast.  Everyone running around through the metros, jumping on trams etc.  So I dubbed the fast-paced Brussels' way of life....The Brussels Hustle.

Well, it is still an acurate description of Brussels!  Life here is super fast, and the work is moving even faster!  With four equipes of missionaries we are always getting referrals from the Elders, meeting new faces at church every week, and finding new people almost every day.  Not to mention we are running around going on exchanges too!

This last week was super fast.  We started out with Week 2 District Meeting where Soeur Whistler and I gave a presentation.  We shared this video.  I absolutley love it!  Watch it!  THIS is why we do what we do.

Then we headed out to VALENCIENNES for our first exchange!  I got to be with Soeur Doyle.  She's only one transfer below me and is whitewash training.  It was an amazing exchange and I really learned a lot from her.  Her blue is super cute too!  She is so excited to do missionary work and it makes everyone else pumped too.

Here in Brussels we saw a lot of miracles.  We are preparing these two boys, Steve and Gab (12 and 10 years old) for baptism this next Friday.  They are AMAZING.  They are just zooming through the Book of Mormon and they understand and apply what we teach really quickly.  They are really a miracle.  Their mom, Patricia, just called us one day and asked if her boys could get baptized...(she's a less-active member).

Then, we've been working with this other family, the Pistaceci's.  They parents are inactive and their 9 year old daughter isn't baptized.  This last week we went over and watched "Finding Faith in Christ."  Sophia, the daughter, got really really quiet...I don't think I'll ever forget the look on her face...or on her father's.  The spirit was really strong, I felt like all of us were just surrounded in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.  Afterwards they agreed to come to church and Anders (the father), told us he'd like Sophia to get baptized:)

Then we met this lady named Anastasia.  We taught her the first lesson and it was incredible.  She is so prepared, she kept saying how "curious" she was and how she was going to pray and read the Book of Mormon.  She's from Rwanda, just like Gigh!

Then on Sunday, I was asked to give a talk.  I talked about hope...I've really been studying that this week and it's been really interesting.  I don't have a lot of time to talk about it, maybe next week.  Yesterday was the last Sunday in this building at Louise!  It was so sad watching everybody carrying out books and manuals and taking last pictures... but the church here is on to bigger and better things!  As our leader said yesterday, "we are living a miracle."

Well, sadly that's all the time I know, the Brussels hustle and all!  I'll talk to you next week!

Also, if you want to send me any letters, my new address is

Les Missionaires, Soeur Hilton
118 Avenue Henri Jaspar box 17
1060 Saint Gilles

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