Monday, March 31, 2014

Les Anges sur Terre (Angels on Earth)

Each week I ask myself if the next week can possibly be as good as the one before it...and the answer is yes!  This week was amazing.  Yesterday we had Estelle and Line and church.  If my heart had been hooked up to one of those machines at the hospital, the graph would have made a huge jump the moment Estelle walked through the front door... It was a moment of pure happiness...
Wow, and the way Line described how she felt when she took the a feeling of undescribable peace and was powerful.  And Estelle just loved it!  And she already knows Soeur Riem (the DMP's wife).  Everyone just surrounded her and showered her with love... I love the Arras ward, the people here are really, really amazing.
We taught Estelle on Thursday night with one of the young women in the ward, Anaïs.  It was her first time teaching with the sister missionaries and she was a little nervous.  We stopped just a little before Estelle's house to say a prayer and I saw that the volet was closed and the lights off...oh no...she's not there, I thought.  I really wanted this to be a good experience for Anaïs!  We rang the answer.  We were about to leave when a car came around the corner...Estelle!  What happened next was so beautiful.  We taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong.  Estelle said it was "natural" and "logical," like we were reminding her of what she already knew long ago... What she has been waiting for someone to tell her her whole life.  Anaïs told us afterwards that she's always thought of missionaries as "les anges sur terre."  That night I was just filled with gratitude.  Who else in the world gets to spend 18 months just making people happy?  Reminding them who they are, where they came from, and the wonderful future that awaits them.  We are working side by side with Heavenly Father, his hands, his angels...there's nothing better I could be doing right now! Oh and the next day Anaïs' mother told us that Anaïs has now decided to serve a mission:):):):)
This week we also went to Paris!  I hope you enjoy the pictures:)  Those statues of the ship and Notre Dame are made entirely out of chocolate (hence the look of utter amazement on my face).  And now you know what Soeur Tupai looks like:)
Well, have a great week everybody!  Every week can be better than the one before it, never forget that!

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