Monday, March 24, 2014

Homeward Bound

I really don't even know where to start actually... how about Monday?  Well Monday night we taught Estelle with one of our young adults Elizabeth.  I just love Estelle!  She said in her prayer the other day that she had "awaited her "petites soeurs" (us) with impatience."  The spirit is so strong in every lesson, she tears up, then I tear's awesome.  Well, we watched the Restoration DVD and she explained how she loved reading the Book of Mormon because of how peaceful she felt after reading it... That's what it is really.  Reading the Book of Mormon is just a wonderful reminder of God's love, that everything is in control and that there's a plan for us.  I think we all take the Book of Mormon for granted sometimes!  It really is, as Estelle puts it, a "precious" book, the proof of God's love.
Let's see, on Tuesday pretty much everything fell we ended up doing some the middle of the afternoon in French suburbia.  I said to myself, this is pointless!  Nobody is at home!  But we decided to keep on going for another hour and then change activities... I started going a little crazy and suggested converting the cows to Soeur Tupai...haha.  Well, you probably see where this is going... it's amazing how many missionaries stories end with a miracle, or maybe it's just those ones that the missionaries tell.  But when you are actually living it, when your feet and head ache and you're tired of hearing "ça m'interesse pas," it really is a miracle when something happens at the end!  Well, we knocked on a door and a young mother answered.  We introduced ourselves and she said, "but I already know you people!" the young men from Canada and Utah passed by a few months ago!  I have your bible and your dvd."  Wow, we didn't expect that...especially because we were deep into our sector (meaning the Elders were over on our turff, haha).  She gladly set up a rendez-vous with us for Saturday.  On Saturday we passed by in the evening, later than we had been planning on, and there was a note for us, the "Edlers" posted on the door, saying they had gone out shopping but were going to back soon.  We called and the husband answered.  He was really excited and said they were going to hurry back!  We had a AWESOME rendez-vous with them.  It was so adorable little French family...complete with red-headed baby girl and a kitten.  The spirit was strong and we are going back again this week!  They even offered to feed us and gave us an enormous apple cake they had made for us that afternoon!  Wow, miracle... I'm still speechless.
Wednesday we went to Paris!!  I.SAW.SOEUR.JOHNS.  It was, in her words "the reunion of all reunions."  Seriously, soul soeurs.  I can't wait to live with her at BYU!  I also just found out that Soeur Kohlert is going to be living right next door to me too, yay!  Happiness.  Zone conference was incredible.  Soeur Tupai and I sang in the choir.  We sang "Homeward Bound."  It is such a beautiful song, you should look it up if you've never heard it before.  It is really special to me because one day in the MTC me and my soeurs (Cameron, Smith, Elliott, and Lefrandt) all sang it together and had a really incredible testimony meeting...Just the five of us.  Wow, I can't believe that was almost exactly one year ago... 
In zone conference we got a new goal!  About a year ago, when there were 77 companionships, President set the goal of 77 baptisms in two transfers for the arrival of Elder Anderson.  We got 82.  Then in the summer the goal was 100 (because there were 100 companionships), for the arrival of Elder Oaks.  115.  Now there are 125 for the arrival of our new mission president, President Babin, the goal is 125!  So excited!  Also, Elder Christofferson came to Belgium last week to talk to the missionaries.  (yes, just as I left...haha) and he said that our mission is "an inspiration to all of Europe."  WOW.  Our mission has made some amazing progress with the Pozanaski's.

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