Thursday, August 15, 2013

I love mattress room

Yes, I'm coming to live from Rennes...on a Thursday!  Sort of fun, no?  Yeah, the last little while has been kind of crazy!  Last week was transfers and my dear dear trainer Soeur Kohlert left me and went to Luxembourg!  She was so so excited. She is with Soeur Smith, who was in my MTC district.  They are going to be so great together!  Soeur Kohlert was devastated to leave Rennes though.  The worst was when she said goodbye to Tugsuu.  Tugsuu is so so special to her, and to me.  I don't ever want to leave Rennes :)

So last Wednesday we went into Paris to switch companions.  It was really really fun to see all of my friends again.  My new companion's name is Soeur Bitter.  She is from Southern california, and--you won't believe this--she plays the violin too!  The ward is so thrilled.  They love love love the violin.  So, I had been with my new comp for a few days, and I just had this feeling that she reminded me of someone, like from a movie, but I couldn't figure it out.  Finally on the metro one day I just turned to her and said, "you look just like a Disney character, but I don't know who..."  She just laughed, and said, it's Tangled.  Yes, my friends, I'm living with Rapunzel.  It's kind of scary how similiar she looks, and she acts like her too!  So fun:)

So this last monday she had to go to Belgium for legality with all the other fourth transfer missionaries (they've already been, but it didn't work or something, also, they've decided to stop doing I don't get to go to Belgium:(  She did bring me back a delicious Belgian waffle though!)  I spent p-day with two of the most wonderful sister missionaries I've ever met, Soeur Garrett and Soeur Lai.  We had the most lovely exchange ever, so many miracles!  We were pretty exhausted by the end though.  Our companions got in pretty late, and since interviews were the next day (tuesday), here in Rennes, we had a slumber party!  Six sisters in one apartment...sooo fun!  We had to go get a bunch of matresses from the elder's apartment.  (our front room was "matress room" for a few days...I loved it so much)

Then we had zone Conference and interviews.  President and Soeur Pozanaski are so inspiring.  Soeur Pozanaski told the story about Annick.  It was amazing.  So appartently Soeur Pozananski finished her mission here in Rennes.  The week she got transfered here, however, she found out that her younger brother had passed away.  She was given permission to leave that Monday for the funeral and return the next Monday.  She really really felt that there was someone waiting for her in Rennes though, so she came back early, the Saturday before.  She didn't even unpack, just grabbed her companion and went out looking.  That was the night that they found Annick.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Soeur Pozanaski was talking with the President about all the miracles that the missionaries are seeing here in the mission.  She asked him, don't you think we could pray for our own miracles?  They prayed for their families and friends, and they also prayed for Annick.  Two days later they got the call that she had decided to get baptized...  The Lord really does direct this work.  And miracles can be brought about through faith...sometimes we wait two days, sometimes thirty years.  Do you have a miracle you want to have happen?  I encourage you all to pray and ask God to bless those around you.  I know He will answer our prayers!

Anyways, president's brother owns a French Pizza truck, so we all enjoyed delicious, organic pizza afterwards.  Then we went out and did some finding.  I had president's words in my mind, "Allez, cherchez!" (Go, find!)  There are people out there, there are families waiting for us!  So august is a weird month in France, pretty much everyone takes off on vacation for the month.  So all of our amis are gone until September.  So I've been getting good and street contacting and porting:)  Ooooh and my French is getting so much better. It's amazing, literaly in the last week.  I think it is because I can't rely on my trainer anymore.  Oh and I pretty much understand everyone now.  It's so nice:)  Things are a lot more tranquille now.  And the weather continues to be gorgeous.  Yep, this is finding month.  I pray that we will be guided to those who are prepared, and that they will be guided to us.

I love you all, and I'll write you in just three days!

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