Monday, July 22, 2013

You know you are in France when you find a SNAIL in your refridgerator.

Yes, it's official, I live in France.  I can't believe there was a snail in the fridge!  So grossss. haha.  But sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm living in France...especially when you have FOUR baptisms within 10 days of eachother!  Yes everyone, we had two beautiful baptisms this last Saturday, Lucy and Gladys.  And we are having a miraculous/unexpected baptism tomorrow night.  Let me tell you the tale...

Once upon a time there was a young sister missionary named Soeur Pozanaski who served in Rennes France.  She met a shy, red-headed young Breton named Annick.  Now Soeur Pozanaski's is the wife of the Mission President in the France Paris Mission and her investigator Annick has been going to church for 30 years, with baptism no where in sight. 

The first week I got to Rennes my trainer told me about Annick and how lucky the Soeurs who get to baptize her will be.  Then yesterday the ZL's called us and said that Annick wants to get baptized this Tuesday (tomorrow).  She is so shy that there will only be 5 of us there, the Elders, our Ward mission Leader, and us!!  I feel so honored.  I just know that Soeur Pozananski is the happiest woman on earth right now.  I feel so so so honored to be able to be a part of this.  Soeur Kohlert and I were freaking out last night.  I didn't think I could be this happy... This is the Lord's work!

And the best part is, that the news about Annick was only ONE of the miracles that happened yesterday.  For some reason Sundays are just filled with miracles.  There really is something holy about the Sabbath day.

The day started out great with the confirmations of Lucy and Gladys.  I even ran into one of my history professor's from BYU and his wife and church! (Professor Harline)  Apparently his wife had served in the Paris mission too.  They are so great.  Can't wait to see them again in Provo next year!  It was a fun little coincidence.

Church was just FUN yesterday.  Usually it's super stressfull, but it was relaxed.  There is this super cool family moving here from Toulouse.  They had this girl with them, also from Toulouse, she was so fun to chat with!  It turns out that I met her sister in the MTC, who is now serving in the St. George Mission:)

After church we went out to do missionary work and it was MISERABLEY hot.  We tried to find this lady the Elders had referred us too, and we ended up walking forever... we found her house just to have her tell us she wasn't interested.  Soeur Kohlert and I were feeling pretty discouraged.  We have been really really trying to find a family to teach and we were feeling pretty hopeless.  We just sat on a bench and talked about how we wanted to go home.  Then it started raining...really really hard!  So we curled up under this tiny tree (didn't help much).  Then, just when we thought things couldn't get any worse it started HAILING.  And it hurt!  The pieces of ice were huge!  We were stunned at how ridiculous our situation was.  But God works in mysterious ways.  All of a sudden a car pulled up out of nowhere and they yelled at us to get in.  We jumped in the back and it was a family!  With four children.  Well to make a long story short, the father had met the missionaries in Strasbourg and has even read part of the Book of Mormon.  We are seeing them that doesn't just happen!!  We were stunned.

But that was only the beginning.  We met another beautiful family on the metro right afterwards and hopefully we will see them soon!!  Then we got the news about Annick.  And, just when we thought things could'nt get any better...we met a cute french girl, about 19 years old, on our walk home.  We taught her about the restoration and she seemed very interested.  We are going to see her again soon!

Ok, sorry that last part was so rushed!  I'm running out of  time:)

Well my dear readers, the church is true and I am so honored to be able to serve as a missionary!  God loves each one of us so much.

Until next week!

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