Monday, July 15, 2013

Don't take a single day in Rennes for granted

The above is the sage advice of the legendary Soeur Pymm, who is headed home in just three weeks.  During my stay here in Rennes I've read/heard her name a million times.  Everyone knows her here. She opened the city, and I finally got to meet her when I was in Paris last Friday.  She was on the verge of tears when  she told us how much she loves Rennes and wants to go back.  "Don't take a single day for granted!"  I love Rennes too.  I never ever want to leave!  Everytime we get together with other missionaries I am just so grateful for Rennes, the ward here, and for my wonderful, hardworking, loving companion.  If I had the choice I'd spend my whole mission here with her.  We are considering "eloping" next transfer and just doing missionary work on our own...haha.

So this was a pretty insane week.  First of all there was the whole mess with Mart.  She said she didn't have anywhere to live so we spent hours working with the ward council trying to look up agencies etc., and then she didn't show up to any of the rendez-vous we set up with Soeur Hamzic (the relief society president).  But we did have a wonderful talk with Soeur Hamzic about how we can work better with the ward.  I think she is actually beginning to really like us!  The saints here in France work so hard and sacrifice so much.

We also had to get everything ready for Shaina's baptism and also our license plate was about to fall off, so some members helped us with all of that.

We left Thursday night for Paris and spent the night with the Versailles Soeurs.  It's amazing how radically different wards and areas can be.  They are fun sisters and we had a nice little "sleep-over."  We went into Paris that day and I got to see most of my dear MTC friends!  I hadn't even seen Soeur Lefrandt or Soeur Jackson since I got here to France.  It was so nice to be able to catch up.  Also it was amazing to see all the Elders again.  Some looked really different (gained/lost weight etc) and it was interesting to see how everyone had progressed in French.  Elder Bates was just beaming, apparently he and his companion had completely turned around their area.  He said he wished everyone could have the chance to serve in Cherbourg.  And Elder Saffell is actually nice to us sisters now!  It is soo fun to see all of them.

We basically spent all day in a doctor's office though.  Soeur Lefrandt and I had to run through the metro's back to St. Merri.  Soeur Kohlert and I missed the last train back to Rennes though... so we spent the night in Le Mans with Soeur Elliot and Soeur Stapely.  Soeur Elliot (my MTC companion) has matured so much!  She has a rough companion though.  Poor girl:(  I didn't realize how much I'd miss her!

I woke up sick and tired and we caught the first available train into Rennes.  We had to get back for the baptism!  We were there for 5 hours.  We cleaned the font and got everything ready, practiced our violins etc.  Shaina's family showed up an hour early.  And Soeur Kohlert turned on the heater by accident.  I was pretty sick by this point.  Sweating like crazy, head throbbing, I had to play 5 songs on the violin, lead the music and say the closing prayer. I was out for the rest of the weekend.

I am so proud of Shaina.  She made this decision by herself and it is going to be tough for her.  Her family is not the greatest example.  I lost it during her confirmation blessing.  I just love her so much and I just hope she has a good life.  But, GREAT NEWS.  Her mother said she wants to take the missionary lessons!  I almost started crying when I found out.  The gospel is true and really can change lives.

We have another crazy week coming up.  We have two baptisms set for this Saturday, Lucy and Gladys.  Gladys scared us to death in our last lesson when she said she couldn't baptized if it meant getting her hair wet.... because she had just gotten a new weave...Soeur Kohlert and I couldn't believe it!  She looked so serious...she was only joking though.  It was NOT funny, haha.

Yesterday we had a ward picnic.  It was so cute.  I was feeling pretty sick though, the Elders gave me a wonderful blessing.  God really is there and he knows and loves each of us.

Today I basically slept all day... and I made home-made peanut butter.  Because peanut butter is sooo expensive here.  It is so delicious.  We ate it with the home-made honey Fatima and Pascal gave was a dream!

Well the mission is just clipping along.  I can't believe that in just a few weeks Soeur Kohlert will be leaving me:(  Life is great and the gospel is real and powerful.  I love you all!

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