Monday, April 14, 2014

Soeur Conference

This week we had the first ever…Soeur Conference!  ALL of the soeurs in the mission and absolutely no Elders...haha apparently a lot of them tried hard to get in.  Some even considered holding a protest...
Why did we have this conference?  As Soeur Pozanski said, it was really just a "gift" to us.  It was so surreal to have all the soeurs there together...all of my companions and MTC friends in the same place!  It was really empowering just to see how many of us there are.  I laughed, I cried...It was seriously a slice of heaven.  Haha, it felt a little like a relief society activity actually.  We got some awesome make-up tips from a Parisian sister who is a high-end make-up artist, made arts and crafts to give to our amis and then... there was like three tables just full of jewelry, bags, scarves, belts etc. donated by sisters in 3 stakes in our mission, that we could just take!  It was amazing.  I got some really stylish french jewelry, a purse, and a hat.  Only in the Paris Mission, right?
The highlight of the week though was our lesson with Karine and Christoff.  I think I told you all about them already?  I can't remember.  Well, they are an adorable young French family.  They have two children, a 10 year old boy named Martin, and a 10 month old redheaded baby girl name Colette.  I absolutely love teaching them!  They are really our friends...we had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation, which lead into a conversation about prophets, which lead to general conference, which they are going to watch now.  We are also going to have a family home evening with them this week.  The spirit is so strong in their home and they ask very interesting questions.  Christoff was shocked to learn that we believe in a pre-mortal life, he found it really interesting.  Anyways, after the long days of porting, hours on the train/bus, it is the moments sitting in a lesson, speaking words that are not your own, and knowing that you are an instrument in the Lord's hands, that really make it all worth it.  It in those moments that you know the Lord approves of you and that you really are making a difference.  Feeling the pure love that Heavenly Father has for his children and for you...that's what this is all about.  Sometimes those moments aren't very often, but they always come...because He is always there!  I love my mission.
Until next week!

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