Monday, December 9, 2013

"Do you remember my dear Sofie from Rennes?"

FAMILY--There is bad news and good news.  I'm going to start with the bad news to get it out of the way...

MESSAGE FROM HEADQUARTERS: Soeur Johns is being transferred to the Parisian Ghetto. Stop. No happiness for Christmas. Stop.  But seriously STOP.

So I'm really not that happy that Sr Johns is leaving me for Christmas:(:(:(:( She is the absolute best.  Seriously so sad about this!!!

Anyways on to the good news.  This made me cry.  So do y'all remember Sofie, the Chinese student from Rennes that Soeur Kohlert and I found my second day in the field?  Wellllllll, she has a baptismal date!

Here's the story from Soeur Bitter's email this week:

"So last week, we talked about baptism but she said that she didn't think she was ready. She said that maybe in 2 months. I thought that was acceptable so we left it there. That next morning, she sent us a text and said that she had woken up "really sad because I don't have a baptism". We told her to be praying about it that she would know which day would be good for her. When we got to our RDV, she told us:

"you know, I've been reading this book for 2 hours now"
and this point I've whipped around "QUOI!? Which book? The blue one??!"
Sure enough she had been reading the Book of Mormon for 2 hours straight. Best. news. ever. And in her words "I really like this book". Her favorite chapter is still the one "about the seed that you have to water and then it will grow into a strong tree. I love it because it's like my faith" :) love it. 

We then talked about dates and we decided that the 21st would be the best :) I'm so excited for her. Since then, she has been sharing the Gospel with EVERYONE. She'll ask me often things like:
"How do you say the name of our church in French? I'm talking about it to my French friends." 
she's is already such a great missionary and I know that she will be such a strength to this ward. I'm excited that Rennes gets to have her and I'm excited for how much love she'll receive from these wonderful members."

Wow.  I am so proud of Sofie.  I remember our first rendez-vous when Soeur Kohlert and I taught her about God, her loving Heavenly Father.  And how she thought Christians were "jerks" (she meant nerds).  And I remember when Sr Bitter and I gave her Alma 32 to read and she wanted so badly to develop her faith... wow.  I LOVE THE MISSION so much.  I wish I was in Rennes right now:(

BUT.  Things are so great here.  We are going to Peter and Nadine's tonight for a St. Nicholas Day Family Home Evening and Gigh is still doing great:)

Well everyone, I'm pretty distracted because of transfers today... enjoy the pictures:)

Also a big shoutout to my family for an awesome Christmas package!  You really outdid yourselves.  A Sister Missionary Stocking?!  How did you find that?

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