Monday, October 14, 2013


This past week was...incredible. Do you remember all the "Miracle Sundays" we had in Rennes? Well yesterday was "Miracle Sunday"---Liege style.  Sr. Johns had been feeling down this past week, so I was praying really hard that we could see a miracle soon...What happened was beyond anything I could have imagined...

First of all we'd been having trouble getting Valerie and her kids to church, so Saturday night when we were all at the Foire (Fair) together, I asked Eryn if we could come by in the morning and do her hair for church.  She was totally down!  Oh and the Foire with them was soooo fun!  I love actually being amis with our amis:)

So we went to their house in the morning and Sr. Johns did a gorgeous fishtail braid in Eryn's red hair (so pretty) and off we went to church.  Eryn and Valerie were so attentive to the testimonies, and I couldn't help but think that they were just for them!  Well I was wrong, they were also for a family who walked in late and sat in the back.  Also during Sr Stummond's testimony our phone went off really loudly...embarassing...but it was a miracle in the making.

After the meeting ended we said goodbye to Valerie and went and talked to the family in the back.  They aren't members, but are looking for a church. They were so touched by the testimonies of the entire Kapepula family. Susie, the mother said they'd be here next week... with twenty family members... what?  We weren't sure we'd heard her right.

Then as our conversation with her was finishing up, in walks Katy, the lady who had called us during the previous sacrament meeting!  She is an inactive member.  And who did she bring with her?  Her movie director fiancé and her son.  She said that she had felt the spirit telling her all night to go back to church, after seven years of inactivity.  And apparently her fiancé wants to join the cool.  We are seeing her Wednesday night, and then her fiancé, Alexandre on the weekend.

Then we had the baptism of Gilles Beya, the 10 year old son of a less-active Fifi.  The soeurs found and taught him, but the elders took him just for the baptism:(  So Fifi was kind of mad that we haven't been seeing her!  We set up a rendez-vous and hopefully will be able to bring her back to church.  Also, a less-active who the soeurs were working with last transfer, Vicky, is now active and even bore her testimony, it was beautiful:)  We are seeing her this week too.

The baptism was really great, and I played my violin for the intermede. Everyone really loved it, especially the Branch President. I'm so glad that I brought that with me.  I have see so many hearts softened...the power of music is real.

So, Sr. Johns and I were pretty blown away at this point... we were about to head home...but when we got to the bus stop we realized it wasn't coming for 20 minutes.  It was freezing so we decided to wait in the church.  As we headed back inside, we saw a young woman we didn't recognize going inside.  As we stopped her walking up the stairs, an English Plan of Salvation pamphlet fell out of her coat.  It was all really surreal as we sat down with her and she just poured out her soul to us.  She is from Rwanda, her parents were killed in the genocide in the 90's.  She has amazing belief in God.  She said, no one's ever told me this, but I know he is my dad.  Haha she said she basically stole the PoS pamphlet from these Ghanan men.  She said she wants to start coming every week and turn her life around.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said  "This is food, you know...spiritual food."  Seriously she is an amazing person, she's got an awesome British accent too.

Well, that was Miracle Sunday for you.  Looking forward to another awesome week in Liege!

Soeur Lorraine Hilton

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