Monday, May 27, 2013

A missed bus, a roller skating race, and two miracles

The sun is out in Rennes!  For the last few days everyone has been "profiter-ing"  from the wonderful weather.  I love that phrase in French.  Est-ce que vous profitez bien de le soleil?  Literally meaning, Are you profiting well from the sun?  Love it.  Everyone says it :)

Well, in answer to that question.. yes!  The sun has made all the difference.  I'm finally getting over the jet-lag, understanding more French and seeing miracles here in Rennes... The last few days have been dream:)

Yesterday was quite the adventure.  A bit crazy, but the coolest things happened.  I had just gotten back from my first exchange (which lasted from Friday night to Saturday night).  It was with my Sister Training leader Sister Roney.  She is an amazing missionary-so experienced.  Also, she talks to everyone!  We did a lot of contacting and had some very special experiences (teaching and praying with people in the street).  So Sunday morning I was all fired up ready to talk to people. We got to the bus stop right when the bus was supposed to come, but it wasn't there!  It must have been at least three or more minutes early.. I have my suspicions though.  The bus probably never even existed.  There are hardly any buses on Sundays so we had to walk to the Metro and wait a good half hour at Republique for another bus.  But we missed that bus for a reason... and her name was Marie.  I started to talk to her at the bus stop and she was hesitant at first, but it was the best contact we've ever had.  We even went past our bus stop to talk to her longer.  She's ready for the gospel:)

Then we had five amis at church...wonderful.

After church we headed over to the Delacourts to give Claire some banana bread we made her for French Mother's Day.  BUT there was a giant roller skating race downtown so the buses were all messed up.  Our bus was right at the corner and we were so proud that we were on time.  It felt like slow motion as the bus turned right instead of coming straight to get us!  So we had to walk twenty minutes to the Delacourts.  The weather was amazing though, we got to watch a bit of the race AND another miracle occured.  We were just blissfully walking down the rue when we ran into Fatima (a muslim woman we found while porting and taught her a lesson) and her family!  We wanted to continue teaching her, but for muslims you have to ask Presidents permission.  He said we could only if we got her husband's permission.  We didn't know how we could possibly arrange a metting with him.  But there he was!  On the street we were planning on whizzing through on a bus...of course he said yes when we asked if we could teach his wife:)

Then we going to just drop off the banana bread on the Delacourts porch..because we were pressed for time.  But I really felt like we should ring the bell and hand it to her.  Her son Sylvan answered and yelled up to his mom, C'est les Soeurs Mormons! haha.  She came down and we wished her a happy Fete des Meres and said she was our mother here in France.  She started to cry and thank us.  We love her so much!  I can tell that she was really touched, and we were both pretty surprised by her reaction.  Soeur Kohlert said that we are probably a bigger deal to her than we realize...

I just really felt like yesterday, in small ways, I was able to be used by God to touch the lives of others.  It wasn't me, it wasn't soeur Kohlert, it was a loving Heavenly Father who guided us to the right people yesterday.  Nothing went according to our plans... there was obviously a different plan for May 26, 2013 for God's children in Rennes, France.  Great day...

And then we had our DMP meeting in a GORGEOUS jardin in the middle of Rennes.  Soeur Kohlert didn't even know it existed.  It is apparently one of the most renowned parks in France.  It will be a perfect place to pass a p-day or go contacting.  There's an Orangerie and a huge cage with lots of parakeets and other birds in it.  There were so many people out enjoying the weather.  It was a fairytale...

Well loads of other things happened this week, but I'm out of time!  I love you all and the church is true!

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  1. Awesome post, great writing. I could feel the Spirit in that one.