Monday, October 6, 2014

The Un-returned Missionary

My stomach was in complete knots as I waited in the mission home... It had been quite a week already... saying goodbye to Soeur Whisler, the Elders, members, amis etc. in Bruxelles, a last minute service project when I should have been packing, early train ride into Paris, Paris p-day with my MTC soeurs, interview with President, testimony meeting, Chinese buffet, slumber party in the Mission Home, woken up by Soeur Jackson at 5:45 am, saying goodbye to the Soeurs as they headed off to the airport, waiting with Soeur Hunsaker, not able to go back to sleep, Soeur Hunsaker's mom coming and then the two of them leaving...then there was just me...I couldn't have been more anxious.  Was it really over?  Was I really going to see my family at any moment?

Then, a knock at the door.  It was Elder Wall (senior missionary), and behind him was the most beautiful family.

It was such a great reunion!  We got to chat with President and Soeur Babin, take pictures etc.  I was just... filled with joy.  It was so good to see them again.

So, I am still a missionary.  And let me tell you, this is my kind of missionary work.  We just go happily along, visiting Paris, Versailles, the Paris temple site, Bruxelles, Liege...spreading the gospel as we go.  We've already had lots of neat experiences together.  We met a nice lady at a grocery store the first day.  She was kind of smiling at us, amused by our American accents, we struck up a conversation and we got to tell her about the temple that is being built just 100 meters from where we were!  We saw Gigh in Liege and watched general conference with her.  It was AMAZING.  She was glowing.  She has really seen the difference in her life since making the decision to be baptized.  She is going to do great things.  I'm so proud of her.  Then today we were just wanting some hot chocolate and we ended up talking to quite a few people at Starbucks, even giving away pass-along cards and brochures.  I was so proud of little Natalie who went up and put a pass-along card into a street performers tin... it was adorable.  

And so I continue, doing missionary work, WITH MY FAMILY.  Could life get any better?  I'm here visiting my favorite places on earth, visiting my best friends, with the people I love most, and I still get to be a missionary.  So just call me, the un-returned missionary.  ;)

Love you all,

Until next week!

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