Monday, July 28, 2014

Simeoncourt aka Mormonville

I can't believe that another week has gone by... it went so fast.  This week was a week of soirée familiales (family home evenings)!  We were invited over by the Nivard Senior family (the father is the stake patriarch), the Nivard junior family (the father is the bishop here in Arras), and the Neville family.  And they all live in the the tiny village of Simeoncourt.  Everybody knows them and that they are members.  Haha whenever children misbehave in that village everybody says, "what will the Nivard's think?!"  haha, love it.  Another family, the Rulence's, lives in the neighboring village, and the Sanchez family is moving out into that area next month.  Yep, Pas-de-Callais it:)
I don't really have a super amazing experience to share this week, just a lot of little ones.  And a general feeling of wonder and gratitude.  I just know that every night I came home feeling amazing... I feel so blessed to be a missionary in Arras... my heart is just full.  Everyday I get to see the miracle of the Atonement work in people's lives.  The most stunning examples right now are Philippe and Aline.  Who, when I arrived here didn't even have the desire to pray, are now asking me for more Book of Mormon's to hand out, giving rides to church to other members and just radiating with the light of the gospel.  I get to witness the power of conversion everyday.  This week Murielle took the law of tithing like a champ, and even though her life is far from easy, she has stopped complaining and is filled with hope for the future.  And the Elders amis, a father and his two sons, are getting baptized this Saturday!  They were the first ones at church yesterday, a whole 45 minutes early!  Estelle is reading and loving the Book of Mormon.  Carole and Baptiste are praying and coming to church this week.  Charlotte, who "returned" her Book of Mormon to the library, finally has another one and is going to start reading.  I could go on and on... this work is incredible.
I hope you all have a great week:)
Love, Soeur Hilton

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