Monday, June 24, 2013

Fete de la Musique

My dearest readers!  I hope all is going well with each of you.  Thank you all for your support and your prayers.  This work is not just for missionaries, and every prayer counts.  We couldn't, I couldn't, do this without all of you!

Well this Friday we had the long-anticipated Fete de la Musique!  It was so so funny.  I love this ward!  They are so great.  And it was fun to play my violin with them, they all loved it.  We had our ami Gladys there (who is amazing btw, she came to institute and gave me a scarf).  We are so excited for her baptism this next month!  And a lot of members brought their friends to the Fete as well.  It was a good missionary opportunity for everyone.

Well, we set another baptismal date this week.  She is an ADORABLE little eight year old girl named Shaina.  Her grandmother is a member but her parents aren't.  So she falls under our responsibility instead of the ward's.  She's going to be baptized on July 13th.  It's fun and challenging to teach a child.  We try to make it simple and fun.  Thank you mom for the stickers!  She loves them.

I just love being a missionary here.  We teach people from all over the world.  Yesterday we taught this Chinese student named Loma.  She is amazing, basically inviting herself to church.  I've taught a few Chinese people now, and they've been teaching me some phrases and the different tones in Chinese.  So so fun!

Okay, so today was transfer day.  Soeur Kohlert is still my companion, wahoo!!  She's the best trainer a soeur could ask for.  Last night we had a little "sleepover." It was hilarious.  We brought our mattresses out to the living room, ate pistachio ice creme and speculoos cookies and watched an episode of the district. hahaha.  We are so weird.  It was way more fun than it should have been.  Don't worry we were asleep by 10:30  :)

Well, here's to another great transfer in Rennes!  This one with baptisms and a trip to Paris July 11/12  with my MTC group.  It's going to be dream.

Until next week!

Soeur Hilton

Here are photos from St. Malo (the first four)  and Mont St. Michel (the rest)!

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